Hello, my name is Steve Wax and I am the founder of Neurobics. Over the past 30 years, I have worked in the healthcare industry and education, primarily managing care for adults with dementia, memory loss and other age-related conditions. Several years ago, I began to develop a fascination for 'the brain' and why tragic illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimers, seemed to be far more prevalent in today's society than ever before.


During my research, I began to understand that the 'digital age' of the 21st century had a lot to answer for. Today's society is filled with industrious individuals doing the jobs of ten people, while desparately trying to juggle their time between their children, parents, friends, hobbies, TV... and occasionally eating. People are busier than ever before. The term 'multi-tasking,' which is a relatively modern phenonenom, has altered how we work, live and communicate. It is not un-common to find a 'super-busy' employee balancing a cell-phone between their cheek and their shoulder, while simultaneously having urgent discussions with business colleagues, all at the same time as answering emails, developping financial strategies and eating a foot-long ham and cheese baguette (and a diet coke).  


We used to add-up numbers with our brains, use encyclopaedias to find out information, cook fresh and healthy food, call people to make arrangements, ride bikes, walk in the park, enjoy learning etc. Nowadays, every bit of information is available at the click of a button. Progress? Well, yes and no. I recall memorising hundreds of telephone numbers when I was a child, yet today, I can talk to my phone and 'order it' to call anyone in the world. In one respect, the technological advances have been miraculous, but unfortunately, there is a worrying caviat to the story of 'progress.' The reality is, our brains are not wired to multi-task at the levels now required, and it is damaging our physical, spiritual and cognitive health. We are simply unable to keep lots of balls in the air like an expert juggler; we are more like bad plate-spinners, frantically switching from one task to another, ignoring the one that is right in-front of us, but worried it will come crashing down any minute. We think we are 'doing more' but in actual fact, we are far less efficient in today's world. 


In addition, many of us no longer have the time, or can't be bothered to eat healthy foods, or exercise, play musical instruments, spend quality time with our loved ones or simply go for a walk. The truth is, our brains have become over-stimulated, our stress levels are off the scale and our bodies are jam-packed with poisonous toxins. We reap empty rewards from completing thousands of unnecessary tasks everyday, but how many of us are truly happy? We have literally depleted the nutrients in our brains, causing both cognitive, spritual and physical disease.


The Neurobics programme empowers our senior community to take the bull by the horns, take control, and reconnect with humanity. Neurobics is based on scientific research but the benefits of the activities are predominantly driven by common sense. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle causes physical, emotional and mental illness. We all know that eating an unhealthy diet will cause obesity, diabetes and heart failure. We all know that too much time looking at a screen is unhealthy. We all know that not exercising will cause poor mobility and health problems. We all know...


At Neurobics, we support our clients to improve their memory by teaching strategies to remember more. We focus on building cognitive reserve, which enables the construction of new neurological pathways and utilises the notion of 'use it or lose it.' We support our clients to discover the benefits of eating healthily, exercising regularly, sleeping better, laughing more, meditating, learning and ultimately, enjoying life. 


Over the past few years, whilst I have been developing Neurobics, I have been inundated by those who appear to have found a miraculous cure for conditions such as dementia. Some talk about brain games, others brain supplements, some talk of miracle diets and others new electronic gadgets. Neurobics does not support any of these claims. Whilst I admire much of the recent neurological research, I find some of the preposterous claims unwise, misleading, often financially motivated and dangerous. The Neurobics programme embraces a preventative approach to enjoying a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately, lowering the risks of physical and cognitive impairments which ARE within our control. 


Steve Wax



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