Neurobics for Education is now working with both Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK - Enabling students to achieve BETTER RESULTS through Imagination, Creativity & Engagement.
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself and explain the service I provide, which I hope might be of some interest to you, especially if you, or your children, are preparing for important examinations.
My name is Steve Wax, and I am a Teacher, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Mind Coach and 'Memory Specialist.'
The students I teach are able to commit a myriad of facts - to memory, as well as be able to recall that information at a later date (e.g. during exams). The methods I teach can be utilised in any subject or discipline - the possibilities are endless!
Some of the specialised topics I teach are listed below, although I am happy to tailor-make courses (or one-off sessions) to fulfil specific requirements.
  • Memorising & Processing information (from BRAIN to PAPER)
  • Study skills & Revision techniques
  • Deeper concentration & longer-term retention
  • Mind mapping & SMART note-taking 
  • Managing exam stress leading up to, and during the examination period

  • The power of the MEMORY PALACE - to recall information in your long term memory

  • How to recall dates, numbers, equations & scientific formulae

  • Speed reading with improved comprehension

  • Lateral imaging & visualisation techniques

  • Setting boundaries, managing time & taking control

  • Building on strengths & goal-setting

  • Avoiding binary thinking & mental filtering


Please contact me for further information to - or via my mobile - 07966 000660

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